Checklist in task cards



Anyone know how to make a checklist in a task? They have this function in Trello.


Hi @Egil_Arntzen

The best way I can think of doing it is to use subtasks. You won’t get the % completed, but aside from that it’ll look and function the same way.


No! Subtasks is not the solutuion! In one task can be 20-30 checkboxes, if you use sub-tacks then this spoils the overall picture of the status of the project.


@timgaisin Not sure if I get your point…? You mean the subtasks take to much space in the project?


I mean that the subtask has a significant weight in comparison with the checklist.
If I put the project to the dashboard, the statistics for the completed and unsuccessful tasks will be incorrect.

If it were added to the asanas the possibility of forming checklists inside the task would be convenient.


It would be so great if Asana could add a real checklist feature to use in projects. A lot of times my team will have simple to-do list items that don’t justify creating new subtasks. Having a simple checklist that I can view within a larger project is thus pretty critical.

Trello definitely has something similar to this which works well. My team is also looking at ClickUp, which will let you create checklists directly in tasks and template them for later use.

Please let us know if we can expect a checklist feature in Asana soon :slight_smile:


+1 for checklists please Asana team :slight_smile:


Trello checklists has a big advantage over Asana, any plans on adding checklists to Asana ?


Yes, we need a checklist too.


I’m surprised that you’d consider Trello’s checklist to be a big advantage over Asana’s subtasks, which in my mind work in pretty much the same way. Just out of interest, why do you consider the checklist to be so much better?


For me the reason why I like trello checklists better is because I can see the status of the checklists on the parent card. With Asana there is no indication (that I have found) that the card even has subtasks in the board view. Trello nailed it with their 3/10 done on the card.


Ah, yes. I see what you mean. I agree, and I’ve seen a number of Community threads requesting subtask counters. I hope that feature is on the Asana roadmap.


Add another person to the checklists in Asana list. I would love to see that feature.


Checklist ++


I would love if Asana had the checklist feature as well!


I agree! I think I’ll have to go back to Trello if there’s no checklists in Asana. Doing them all as subtasks is more time consuming too. The checklist feature in Trello is sooo quick and easy!