Can I limit tasks in a list?

Hello everyone!

I have a question about the lists and tasks. So let’s say I want to create a to do list, and I want my client to put a task there. I want to be able to limit the amount of tasks they put on a to do list. How can I do that? Is that even possible?

In Trello, I can limit the amount of cards aka tasks per list. I would like to stick to Asana, but only if we can do this.

Thanks in advance!


This is currently not an Asana feature. You can build a dashboard showing the number of tasks, and get informed when a new task is created, but I believe this is not aligned with Asana’s philosophy to restrain a user this way… (my personal opinion)

Aaah, thanks for the reply. In our case it’s not about restraining, it’s about helping our clients with focus and flow. But we’ll stick to Trello then, until Asana gives us this option. We’ve been clients before, but we miss features like this :frowning:

Thanks for sharing your insights!

That’s a shame you can’t move to a great tool like Asana just because of this :frowning:

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