Missing documentation on API limits (e.g. max projects returned by get all tasks of project)

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asana API has some limitations that are not documented and it’s kind of a hassle to find this out on your own - we are using the java client com.asana:asana:0.10.3


  1. We have some “unofficial” information from the Asana-Devs that active (non archived) projects should not have more than 50k tasks (sum of active and inactive) -> our user got banned multiple times when we did lots of creations and updates of tasks and busted these limits.
  2. In the UI the Dahsboard view of Project won’t show more than 50k tasks
  3. API calls like getAllTasksByProject won’t return more than 50k tasks
  4. I do not know if this is the case for some other entities aswell but could totally imagine - e.g. getAllProjectsOfByWorkspace

Can you please defined and document these limitations?

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@Ross_Grambo are you able to clarify the limits? On the forum we are used to say that there is virtually no limit.

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@Ross_Grambo any updates here?

@Bastien_Siebman anyone else who can help out here? I think Ross is not available atm judging by his post history ^^

@Phil_Seeman do we have any other means of communication with Asana?

I’ve reached out…

Hey all, sorry for the delay, there’s been a lot of developer-related catch-up since Christmas.

I agree. :frowning: I’m sorry we don’t have anything published on this. This is a database-level limitation that upgrading our databases would change (from my understanding). This is what I was told ~1 year ago which is why I didn’t document it then.

The limitation you’re referring to is essentially: You can only Read up to 50k items within a container. I believe this limitation applies to stories, projects, teams, etc (it’s just way more likely to happen on tasks).

One reason we really don’t like this limit is because it doesn’t apply to writes. You can write >50k tasks but only ever read 50k. I think we should put a manual limit in place for writes to match this read limit.

I’ll request more information about it and see if anything is actually moving along to change this limit or if I should just document it. I’ll see if I can get the API team to provide some reliable limitation documentation that covers more things (like length of descriptions, max int, etc.).