Get all tasks for project, only returns max 50.


This might seem like a simple issue, however I have not found any hits pertaining to my challenge.

I want to retrieve ALL tasks for a given project, the API however only returns 50.

There is no mention why in the developer documentation that I can find.

I have set the ?limit integer to 0 and 1000 respectively but I still only get 50 back.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Marno_Roux and welcome to the forum!

Yes, this is what you need to know about:

You want to make paginated requests specifying a limit of 100.

FYI pagination is handled automatically by the Asana client SDK libraries, so if it’s possible for you to use one of those, you don’t have to handle the pagination yourself. Otherwise, you will.

Thank you, I somehow missed that.


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