How to get more then 50 subtasks via GET subtasks request?

Hello! If I have task with more than 50 subtasks how can I get them by GET subtasks for task request{user_task_list_gid}/tasks
How to correctly form requests to the api, taking into Concurrent Request Limits?

You can use the limit URL query parameter to ask for up to 100 tasks at a time (?limit=100).

The best thing to do, if you can, is to use one of the official client SDKs, as thy handle paging and rate limits automatically for you.

If you can’t do that and have to roll your own, you’ll need to handle paging as described here:

and handle rate limits as described here:

That is, trap rate limit errors and grab the value in the Retry-After header and wait that number of seconds, then retry your request.

how to use limit parameter in Node request?

client.tasks.getSubtasksForTask(taskGid, {param: "value", param: "value", opt_pretty: true})
    .then((result) => {

@Bastien_Siebman you use the Node client, I think? Can you help here?

I believe this method will return a Collection @Lyudmila_Chernyshova so you’ll have to look at the Collection section of the doc GitHub - Asana/node-asana: Official node.js and browser JS client for the Asana API v1