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If Asana is going to call their boards Kanban boards, they should add the ability to set WIP “Limits” per status, and ideally add the ability to combine statuses within columns, and have limits for the columns (spanning multiple statuses). Without WIP limits, Asana isn’t a useful tool for doing kanban. There is a lot of prior art in the market for Kanban boards, and Asana can’t even count the work in progress, much less actually limit it.


Coincido mientras ASANA no incorpore la funcionalidad de limitar el WIP no puede decir que utiliza KANBAN de manera efectiva.
Ojala los desarrolladores le pongan manos a la obra y desarrollen pronto esta función.

We are struggling with setting limits for ourselves using Kanban and it would be amazing if Asana would limit us from adding additional items to either columns or specific people. Now that the dashboards have been improved we can at least see better what is going on, but still without something physically prohibiting us, it’s still a struggle.


This would be of tremendous benefit to the Asana community, and to my teams in particular! :+1:

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We would love this feature too! And i’m also sure Asana Community would improve work a lot because of this feature. Limit work is one of the basics to improve team work collaboration, service quality, productivity and reduce cognitive stress.

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Is WIP limits supported?

Has there been any workarounds to this discovered? We’d like to use Boards to Limit Work In Progress for each Section of the work flow as prescribed by Kanban principles.

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Hey all!

I want to add a Rule or something to one of the columns in my board, where I can limit how many items there are in that column

I have a backlog with many items, and I want a “In Progress” column to only have a maximum of 5 items at a time

Is there a way to make this possible?

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Welcome, @Martin_Kiperszmid,

This isn’t possible natively in Asana. I’ve merged your request into a thread where you can vote at the top with the purple vote button.



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Im seeing that the first message was on 2018, so its been 5 years and there’s no news related to this feature :confused:


2018 ­→ 2023… 5 years and nothing.

This is poor form Asana… :neutral_face: :expressionless:


I would really appreciate this capability as well. It would solve for a major need I have in which clients working in projects with me can only place one request into the ‘in progress’ section at a time. Trello offers this type of functionality which is really cool (see attached screenshot), and makes it easier to “enforce”.

Please add this soon, Asana!! :pray: