Checklist in task cards

Is there a product feedback post we can vote on?

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i agree, using sub-tasks as checklists is not even close to a working solution

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It would be great if Asana had the checklist feature. Fingers crossed.


Note that my Flowsana integration now lets you create templates of subtasks and have them automatically added to tasks based on a wide variety of trigger conditions. There’s more info on it in this forum post.

I’m reasonably new to Asana & Asana Forum so I don’t quote me but I believe the way it works is through making suggestions via posts in the forum and whichever suggestions get the most votes (indicating the most desired features) will usually catch the attention of the team and might get shortlisted to be considered for future updates. Note that I use the term “might” because there have been some heavily upvoted features which have been requested by the community for a long time but still have not been considered.

Yeah checklists would be great this feature alone makes me almost want to move back to Trello. It’s so much more compact and easier to look at then tons of subtasks scattered.

We would also like to see a checklist option. Sub tasks are great for just that, sub tasks. But let’s say I have to order 1,000 unique items for a project and the project manager wants to see what has been ordered, shipped, received and delivered , then a checklist would hold much more value then scrolling and scrolling through sub tasks.

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Hello i totally agree, we have been working with asana for 6 months now
We have over 50 active clients and over 30 employees
Checklist would be awesome to make everything lighter
Thank you

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Another great thing in Trello’s checklists is that I can have several of them in one task (ticket). It allows me to organize things much better.

I need this too.

Yes I need this too!!! Please and make sure it has the % complete update on the front of the card

I keep my sub-tasks in an Excel Workbook. Each Worksheet contains a different set of subtasks. If I copy a range and paste it into a blank sub-task, it will create an additional sub-task for each row from Excel.
Not perfect since it still is a lot of work, but at least a lot less typing. Still have to manually assign and set due date.

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My team has recently migrated to Asana from Trello. The ability to create a checklist within a task is definitely one of the things we miss. I hope this feature is rolled out soon.

Nearly everything about Asana makes me want to switch from Trello, but without the ability to put a checklist as part of a task it’s nearly useless for my application. Every single task for my application has a templated or unique checklist associated with it. Please add this feature so I can actually switch to this platform!