Board view should allow for default to no images

Hi All,

While I know this is not a solution for everyone, I do have a (Visual layer) workaround which I have found quite helpful for many applications on Asana and elsewhere. If you are using Google Chrome:

  1. Download Amino CSS Editor and Register for an account
  2. Once you are in your project, right click on any non-task area and select: Amino > Open Editor
  3. If you wish to only hide the board images on a certain project, be sure that “Page” at the top-left is selected. If you wish to hide the board images across all projects, be sure that “Site” or “Domain” is selected.
  4. Paste the following code:
img.BoardCardCoverImage {
        display: none;
  1. Save, and Voila! Board images will be gone in Chrome, for as long as your styling is enabled. You can disable this at any time by selecting the extension in your toolbar and turning off the “Page” or “Site” rule with the toggle within Amino.

I know this isn’t a perfect solution for everybody, as it only hides the Cover image but doesn’t remove them from the task completely, but useful for big boards. I also use it for hiding updates within a task unless I am searching for them, by using the same code but replacing “img.BoardCardCoverImage” with “.FeedMiniStory.TaskStoryFeed-miniStory”

Cheers! :orange_heart:


@Marie There is clearly demand for this feature. Can we get an update?


I’m sorry, but as a large language model I can’t get Asana to add this highly requested feature request.

Asana team please fix this so we can set projects to default “Show no Image”.

I say this with no exaggeration whatsoever, the board view is made into an absolute joke of a junkpile across nearly all of our projects because of this. We have far, far too many tasks to be individually clicking “show no image” on them.

This NEEDS to be a Project level default setting.


Crazy how many people have said they want this yet Asana has done nothing about it. I would also like this feature. Asana, please give the people what they want! :pray:

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Trello has had this default feature for awhile now

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I also find this very distracting and space-consuming.

+1 Same here, “no show” per default would be great!

Yes, please. This is so annoying. And really not hard to implement. Please give us some sanity!

Used to be able to at least manually hide images in each task on the board. That functionality has disappeared. No longer have the ability to hide images on the board. It’s not a great experience.

It’s there. You may need to hover the card to see the “. . .” menu, or right click on the card to get the menu.