Board view should allow for default to no images

Whats the big deal to implement such a simple feature? think Asana does much more complex coding etc.

2024 year. Such a simple feature has not yet been implemented…

Another +1 from me for this feature… 4years now

+1 for me please

+1 for me too

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Please queue this enhancement request to the pipeline!

+1 we need this. 4 years later…

I see Asana has added a LOT of fantastic features over the past year but PLEASE fix this. I have several Board Views that get a lot of tasks added to them, and I have to click “show no image” repeatedly just so that the board view can function properly.

At the very least please make it the default that images DON’T show up in Board View icons.

Please, something, anything, so that I don’t have all these overbloated images on my board view. It really makes the visual neatness of boardview a total hoopajoop.

How in the world is this not an option?? My team wastes all kinds of time every day removing cover images. This is seriously a huge flaw. @Asana_Support

It’s SUPER annoying that screenshots we add to a task end up being a cover image. I’m sure there’s a use case for this, but I haven’t had one yet, so I have to manually update nearly every ticket to hide them from our board view. Not fun.

I’m relatively new to Asana. Does anyone from Asana monitor the product feedback? I’m asking because I’d like to understand whether it’s worth adding comments. Thanks!

Hi @Deb_Flores , welcome to the forum :wave:

I don’t work for Asana but as a Solutions Partner, I know for a fact that all threads are monitored by the Asana team and all feedback is valued and reviewed.

You can read more about how Asana processes your feedback in this article by Asana’s Chief Product Officer, @Alex_Hood :

please place this issue on top of your list. ppl have been asking for four to get preview images removed from board views by default. it’s super annoying to klick them away one by one.

Another vote for this! Please prioritise this :pray: