Image not show in board view

Hiya! I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to not have an image show in the header of the task in board view when added? Or to choose which one shows if multiple image assets are in the task? Sometimes we are adding an image to help give visual reference, but don’t necessarily want it to show when in board view. Or have GIF that we add in the comments, but don’t want it to be in the board view just on the task.

I’ve attached an image of one of the things I see happen regularly. You can see that it looks very odd since it is a very long image that is just there to give the team visual reference of the required finished product as they build out the page in the other required languages…

I’d love to be able to choose to not have an image be used in the board view and if there are multiple images on the task to be able to choose which image is used in the header if any would fit.

Yes! When in Boardview, click on … an choose to remove cover image

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Thank you so much!

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