Cover image isn't visible, either while viewing Boards or inside Task

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I’m in the middle of creating a Project for all of our company vehicles, and it’s important that I can see the cover image for each Task. I have no issue uploading the image, but it doesn’t show a preview within the task, and when I go to the Board and change the cover image (or try and add a new one), it accepts it but it still doesn’t show up. How do I get these images to show up? I’ve tried jpg, png, heic, pdf, everything…

I’ve been trying for more than a week, and everything is updated. I’m not having issues with any other functions. I have done the same thing successfully in the past.

Hello @Ellenore_Kewin,

Just to make sure I’m getting this right, are you are trying to see the cover image when using the Board view in Asana like so?

It seems that if the image is too large, Asana won’t render a preview. Try ideally to keep the image below 15 MB. I am not sure of the exact size from which Asana starts not generating image previews anymore, I managed to reproduce your issue with a 30 MB image.

You should be able to get great image quality with anything between 10-15 MB. A great free tool to compress images without losing quality is

Hope this helps.


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