Featured image on cards (Board view): how does it work?

I’ve seen a lot of screenshots of Asana board projects that have cards with images that can be seen in the project view. It’s quite visible on the Boards layout page in the Asana Guide too: Set up Board view for your Project • Asana Product Guide

But I can’t seem to figure out how on earth I can do this in my own boards. I’ve tried adding an img link in the card title and description: it just showed the url and not the image itself. Also tried dragging an image to a card, but it didn’t work either. I’ve been googling this (and searching here) for about a week and haven’t found anything about how to do this.

So, my question is: how can I accomplish this in my boards?


And ofcourse I just managed to add a picture as a featured image on a card haha

In case someone stumbles upon this topic because they didn’t manage to accomplish this: I opened the task and dragged an image from a Finder folder to the task. You get a big ‘upload file’ field. Drop the file and it starts saving the image.

At first it didn’t seem to work, so I removed the file again. Then tried to drop it into the ‘title’ field, got the same upload box, dropped it again, it started saving. I could see in the background the cards height were changed (movement), so I closed the task and saw that it now did have the chosen image as featured on the card.


@hiranthi … love your forum etiquette! Thanks for marking the solution, albeit a solution you yourself provided :smile:

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@hiranthi hi! Do you know how I can remove a image of being featured? Thanks in advance!

Hi @pkoutsod! At this point it is not possible to remove the featured image on a board card. If a picture feels too prominent, then you might consider replacing it with a smaller image.

Hi @Alexis. Thanks for the feedback. I believe that it would be useful for us to be able to remove the cover image or change it with another attached one, like Trello does.


We recently moved from Trello to Asana and I’m loving A LOT about Asana. But I have to agree with @pkoutsod on this one. I’m really missing my clean looking Trello board which allowed me to upload as many images to a card as I wanted, and indicate that I didn’t want a featured image to show on the board view. @Alexis Any update on moving to this type of behavior?


This definitely should be possible!

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I’d like to bump this :slight_smile:


Same here. This makes our use case for boards pretty weird because I want to attach files but I don’t want them to clutter the board.


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So basically you, when in the boards view(not inside a task) click on the “…” (three dots) that show up when you hover over the card you want to remove or reselect featured image and choose what suits you.


Awesome I appreciate that. I’d call that functional BUT that is not great user interface. First it assumes that the user will look for that outside of the of the task. And then it relies on the user naming images correctly - of course I’d advice that but sometime we have 100 images in a task.

Would having three dots next to the image you want to set reallllllllly be so bad. It just seems like Asana is not doing it because there is some design boss on the inside who thinks its a bad idea for some reason. It’s not a bad idea. It’s an awesome idea and that design person calling the shots is wrong… said with love :slight_smile:


Agree! There’s probably a variety of ways to make it more obvious and useful.

The main thing I think it is missing is that if you attach something from Google Drive for example, and you don’t actually drag it onto the card to upload it, there is no “cover image” option at all.

I would prefer to attach google drive images, but use them as cover images.


I found out how to do this! Maybe the feature was added recently, but if you click the 3 dots in the top right corner of any card, go to Choose Cover Image > Show No Image.

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Hi this is helpful for me, haha! thanks!

Yes, please. Bumping this for “future function needed” feedback. Miss my old Trello image choices when managing cover images.

Very helpful!

This doesn’t seem to work for me. When I go to drag an image, the entire task becomes the upload area and it doesn’t seem to make a difference if it’s near the title area.

Can Asana make a 30 second video on how to do this, perhaps?

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Thank you so much for this clear solution!