Improve how photos are stored in a Task

I am only able to speak for our purposes but I would like to suggest the following improvement to the way pictures/jpgs/gif files are handled on Tasks.

  1. Please put a button at the top of every task that says “View Pictures” so that all pictures can be viewed that have been uploaded to that task (including all the pics in the subtasks and sub-subtasks please!!). This would save us all a ton of heartache trying to find photos that were buried into subtasks. We end up doing a LOT of digging to get to them.

  2. Please only display photos in tasks if the photo is uploaded directly to the “Description” section, because there it is clearly intended to be seen by all as part of the main description.

  3. Don’t allow photos to dominate the comments section, visually. All other photos that are uploaded as comments should be displayed as a small icon that can be clicked to view the whole batch. The way they currently are displayed basically hijacks the entire comments section.

  4. Please give all Projects the ability to turn on/off the whole “show no image” thing in board view. Having the photos show up in board view utterly WRECKS board view, and when I’m moving through a dozen tasks a day sometimes, clicking “show no image” is really troublesome. I want that as a default option on my projects.

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