Board view should allow for default to no images

It’s especially annoying when working on a mobile app where the image attachments are often tall portrait aspect and there’s no cap on the height of the image in the board so you have to scroll and scroll just to see the title of one ticket. Please allow default to no cover image and cap the height of the cover image.

Highly annoying issue and short sighted implementation of the feature. How is this simple as not resolved yet after almost 2 1/2 years?

Welcome to the forum @mcdoblak!
There are hundreds of feedback request threads with features that Asana users would love to have. Since Asana does not have a public roadmap we won‘t know if this is being considered or not, however Asana is monitoring all feedback request threads here in the forum. I posted a comment regarding a similar question a while ago, see here.

This feature would be a huge improvement