Best Practices HelpDesk and Asana(multiple systems to track work)

We use Freshdesk as our help desk, which we use for internal and external customers to ask for help, report problems, request new projects, etc. I very much prefer having systems like Asana and Freshdesk so others can find the problems and solutions years down the road(as apposed to this information being in my personal email no one else can benefit from), although this is an example of a problem where some users feel overwhelmed as there are multiple systems where they may need to check to know what work they need to do. I believe this is pretty common in most companies so wondering how others combat this information overload problem that stresses and overwhelms employees?

PS Give them an email account, and instant messenger some people in the company use, and another instant messenger others in the company use and the result is many users get stressed out due to information overload - information can come at them from lots of different places…

I understand your question and point of concern, in fact, I share it. We also use FreshDesk and Asana. We use FreshDesk for external support and currently email for internal support, not because we want to, but rather for some of the reasons you mentioned.

FreshDesk would be a good option, except that I need our store GMs to be part-time agents for external support while also being just regular users for internal support. There ‘might’ be a way for FreshDesk to allow users to wear two completely different hats, but…

Asana would be an ideal solution, since the corporate team that would be providing internal support is already pretty familiar with Asana and it avoids the ‘dual-hat’ scenario for the store GMs. The only problem is that Asana STILL has no simple Task ID (Short task link with ID) so there is no way to easily communicate and collaborate on specific issues. Without simple Task IDs people tend to create duplicate tasks and confusion creeps in regarding whether an issue was created, completed or being worked on.

Asana did add integration with Zendesk (New! Asana for Zendesk integration), which is great for Zendesk users, but doesn’t do anything for FreshDesk users. This kind of integration might actually solve the issue of information overload managing external and internal tickets, IF it was created. There are light integrations with services like, but they lack some of the critical features that the Zendesk type of integration provides.

That leaves this issue unresolved with no clear approach to a practical solution.