How to manage external tasks in asana


I’m really struggling to do something that should be so simple.

We have development projects so have a team and customers in the project. Asana is good for that.

But we also provide support to all our customers on various things. Some are are free some a charged. MOST customers are not in an asana project. Their support requests are too small to warrant an asana account for them just for that.

Asana has the problem that it doesn’t allow just anyone to email into tasks. So we use a Helpdesk for email requests.

Our problem now is we have two systems to manage tasks. When you’re in one of them you don’t see the other so miss tasks and deadlines.

What’s needed is one system for all tasks no matter who or where they cane from. Then we can see all our workload and prioritise and organise.

We can’t forward emails from customers as tasks instead of the Helpdesk because it’s not “from” the customer so comments communication won’t work. So you have to communicate outside of Asana (Helpdesk).

Copying the task from the Helpdesk to Asana is just extra time and it’s in two places and open to mistakes. Two places to close a task. Two places that store data and assets.

Basically using two systems to manage tasks is ridiculous and makes us disorganised.

So how do others deal with requests from non-Asana users but ensuring their tasks are still in the main task system (asana) to have a proper overview of all tasks?



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