What are other agencies using for emailing clients?

We’ve always used project management systems that also provide an email/helpdesk/ticket system as well as we have about 10 company mailboxes that multiple users need to have access to, pick up and respond to or action in some way. It’s typically several thousand emails per week (and that’s not including any of our team’s own work email).

We’re just re-trying Asana again after several years and have started migrating things over to it but I wonder what other companies that use Asana for project management are using to handle email between them and their customers/clients - I am unsure if there is anything that will integrate or work with Asana or whether it just has to be a case of paying for a completely separate helpdesk provider or something…?

Any thoughts and feedback welcome - thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @zigojacko

Asana is not a ticketing system so you will not get the same feature set.

Intakes With Asana:

  1. Create a form(s) to intake requests from inside or outside Asana
  2. You can create tasks from emails (see image)
  3. Task creation from other platforms such as Slack

I have a client that uses a dev@ email address that has 5 devs checking it and actioning tasks in Asana. The drawback here is that you don’t know which developer did the actioning.

Most of my clients use forms to take in customer requests. While some requests come in from other platforms such as Bugherd via Zapier.

I try to keep people out of email as it is great at message threading, but horrible at project management :slight_smile: