New task created by email via a 3rd party outside the organization and Asana


Would it be possible to have a third party email be able to email the Asana project email to create a new task, without them being added as a user to Asana or that specific project? I don’t know how to contact support to ask this question so it is going here until I get an answer.


Would you need the third party to be able to add task for many users or only one?
This is the right place to ask your question.


What we have is about 10 different teams. Within each team they will have an Invoice project. I would like to know if we could have vendors email the specific email address Asana creates for that project and create a new task. Essentially they are emailing in their invoices and I need a new task created within that project for each invoice emailed/submitted. It will be a bunch of different vendors and for each different team/project.

Is that possible without adding that vendor’s email as a user to the project first?


I don’t think so. Did you think of Zapier to do this? @paulminors maybe you have a solution. Looks like you are the expert on these subjects.


You could probably use Zapier to do this. Or, it may be easier to create a Google Form to submit the task with fields for task name and description. @Trista_Nicholes let me know if you need any help setting this up.