Automation to create a new project once a task is completed

Hello All,

My use case is as follows. I have a task with sub-tasks to be completed and assigned the main task to a team member. The sub-tasks are pretty much a list of tasks that my staff has to complete before we open a file. This task is in a project named “Inquiries”. Once my team member finishes all the sub-tasks, the team member marks the main task as completed.

Once this main task in the “Inquiries” project is marked as complete, I have added a Rule as follows:

  1. Once a task is marked as compelte (“completed task”), create a project from template.

However, the problem is that the newly created project automatically adds all the sub-tasks from the completed task that I had created in the “Inquiries” project. I suppose, what the rule does is - it converts the completed task into a new project and adds all sub-tasks of the completed task to a new Untitled Section (but misses the attachments to the sub-tasks of the completed task) in addition to the tasks within the project template.

I would like to:

  1. Not have to sub-tasks from that converted main task automatically added into the newly converted project. In essence, I am requesting that once my task is completed, I want the following automation to run:
  • Once task is marked complete (hereinafter “completed task”), create a new project from template;
  • Once that new project is created, add the completed task to a specific section of the newly created project so all attachments to the subtasks of completed task are automatically there. Currently, the attachments don’t get added.


Creating a blank new project seems fair and I can definitely see this being added to Asana. I am not sure you’ll have the ability one day to add the task itself to the project, because it would require a 2-step rule (which does not exist yet).

Have a good day!

Why not have a conditional trigger on a task (e.g. set a subtask as an approval and create a rule so that when approval is “approved” it creates a new project), and then when it moves to completion, duplicate the task (which will duplicate the subtasks with attachments) to the new project?

Upon further investigation, it looks like you can take multiple actions on the same met condition. I’m not sure if you can create a project from the task and move the task to the new project because you would need to be able to dynamically set the project name. How unfortunate…