Automating Rules from Slack to Asana rather than the reverse

All the questions I’ve seen so far help with how to get Asana to post a message to slack whereas my question is the reverse.

We use Slack as a central hub so we get alerts from our customer replies and software partners on tasks we need to do directly to slack.

I wanted to create a rule where if a message comes through to a particular slack channel, a template task is opened in a particular project on Asana.

E.g. a slack message comes through that a subscription is expiring. Can I get a task to open automatically filled with the details of the message?

I am looking to see whether I could use Slack for task management/ case management.

Thank you for any help offered

Hello @Kitty_Goodwin,

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I’m not sure if you could, and I doubt you should. Slack is primarily aimed at messages, grouped by topics/channels, and it’s purpose isn’t to manage work, but communication.

If these are automated/standardised messages that might make it more suitable.

Having said that, if it’s possible my guess would be to try tools like Zapier or if you’re in a Microsoft environment perhaps Power Automate. These tools can act as the link between tools, providing building blocks to connect them.

Hi @Kitty_Goodwin this is possible using the zzBots Slack to Asana 1-Way Sync. Any new messages in a channel will create new tasks. You can use filters such as If / Condition steps to only sync messages that contain certain data and or use a RegEx or Split Text to separate the message up into different values that can be used to dynamically populate fields such as the Name or Description.

If your interested just chat with us on our website.

Here is a link to the install:

Thank you for taking the time to respond @Jan-Rienk I’m indeed looking into Zapier for this

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Thanks @Malachi I’ll look into this alongside Zapier