Slack Workflow Builder and Asana


I was wondering if there were Asana users who have successfully linked an Asana Project to a Slack Workflow?

Our organization has created a few helpful Slack Workflows via the Slack Workflow Builder. One of these workflows is an IT Help Desk workflow where a member of our organization can create a quick help desk request in Slack with the relevant info that we require (who needs help, what issue, what type of help needed, level of urgency, and other details).

It would be amazing if this help desk request became a Task in the Inbox section of our Asana project: IT Requests.

I have already linked the IT Help Desk Slack channel to our IT Request project in Asana. The syncing between both works well (very cool, thank you Asana).

I was just wondering if we could automate the creation of tasks within an Asana project via a Slack Workflow. Thank you! :pray:


@DinoKovacevic maybe you can help?

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@Bastien_Siebman thanks for making sure I don’t miss this :slight_smile:

Hey @EmmanuelY, great to hear that you have quite a few workflows built in Slack and that syncing is working well for you.

Regarding your question, final sentance - I’m not aware of any such automation tool that would, by default (in Slack or Asana), enable you this and there is also no such “Workflow for Asana” step. But what might work for you is to do this through Zapier as the “Workflow for Zapier” step exists and there might be a solution for your case.

Hope this helps and feel free to let me know if you need me to further pick our brains on this.

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Hello @Bastien_Siebman thank you for connecting me to @DinoKovacevic. :smiley:

Thank you @DinoKovacevic for your reply and for confirming that there currently is no way to link a Slack Workflow directly to an Asana Project. Hopefully, maybe one day… :pray:

Noted regarding a possible workaround via Zapier. I have never used Zapier before and I am trying to avoid adding another application to our tool set. However, I am always curious to learn and try out new things so I will look into it for sure. Thank you again for your help and guidance!

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Hi @DinoKovacevic - so I went ahead and tried out Zapier. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Slack - New Message Posted to Channel to Asana - Create Task Zap might be messy unless we created a dedicated channel just to receive all the automatic help desk bot messages (otherwise all channel communications would also become Tasks). I still want to test this out sometime…

So instead, I tried out a Slack - New Push Message in Slack to Asana - Create Task Zap which happens only when someone from our team clicks the Zapier (Push to Zapier) button in Slack. Once this happens then a Task is created in the appropriate Section of our Project.

It works… but the text that is automatically placed as an Asana Task from the Slack bot help desk message is kind of mangled because it is unable to translate formatting/styling (returns, bold, italics, emoticons). It creates this big blob of text. When I do a copy-paste from Slack to Asana it is much cleaner. Formatting works, I only loose the emoticons. So I guess the formatting gets lost in translation somewhere…

Anyway, this has been an interesting experiment and I am glad to have had the opportunity to try Zapier. Thank you for introducing me to Zaps!

We will have to think whether this will be our path, or if, for now, the best way is simply to copy-paste the slack message to a duplicated Asana Task template! :smiley: :herb:

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You are welcome @EmmanuelY :slight_smile:
Amazing that you jumped into trying Zapier! :smiley: :clap:
And thank you for noting everything - great info to know for when I’ll want to do something with Zapier.
See you around!

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