Reroute Slack Interruptions with Asana

Hello! I actually wrote a post about how we use Asana (via Zapier) to reduce the inherent noise in Slack. It’s called Dont Play Slack-a-Mole. Id love to hear if anyone is interested in trying this out at your company…


This is great @Michael_Muse. I feel a sigh of relief and excitement when I hear stories like yours about how processes like this can make work so much easier and more productive. Based on your data, it looks like your Asana solution has helped your team be significantly more productive. That’s awesome.

I encourage folks to read the whole article, but here’s a highlight:

So we designed a 20% effort, 80% solution. Focusing on the end-user experience, and using our trusty tool Zapier, we embraced the desire path and created a way for people to log a request in our support channel that would ‘save it for later.’ Zapier would scan messages for a delimiter we made up ($request), and save it to our team’s task list in Asana. We also built a loop-closing notification with Zapier. When we complete $request tasks in Asana, the stakeholder gets a notification in our channel that it has been done, and by whom, so they can ask any follow up questions…

Suddenly, my whole team could stay heads down in work if needed, knowing that anything we had to get to later was saved. We could see a list of every request made, triage ownership and drag and drop them into whatever priority we wanted. Our queue of work changed from Push to Pull, and it felt great.

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The integration is neat, but I guess I’d normally recommend people use Asana enough that it’d be easier to create the task directly in Asana and circumvent Slack altogether. I guess I’m not seeing the value-add if you’re checking Asana throughout the day anyways.

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