Automatically add any task assigned to Me to a Project

It would be incredibly useful to be able to create a project (as it allows a board view and advanced customization), and have the ability to automatically add any tasks assigned to me to that project.


Agreed. OR, provide views that are not based on the assumption that every view is linked to exactly 1 project. Thereby one can allow viewing of tasks, milestones, subtasks etc. that are in multiple projects without forcing them to be added to a project that is created for no other purpose than to allow a few tasks from a few projects to be seen together. The current Asana approach is not scaleable and it violates CS 101 principles to require data to be modified merely to view it in views…particularly when said data already possesses all the attributes that would make it possible to differentiate it and view it through search.

Please check JIRA, they have allowed full SQL syntax querying (incl sorting, filtering, grouping etc.) of items across entire workspaces for…approximately 17 years.

This feature would be super useful, as I like to have the hotlink field show, and you can’t select it to show except in projects, which is why I created a “my to do list” project, but then I still have to manually add tasks that are assigned to me to show up in this project, which is just extra work that shouldn’t be necessary.

Yes , this would be massively helpful … imagine how quickly you could assess your own workload and plan your time if every task assigned to you went to a Master Timeline so you could view it there and move things around

Hi all! The My Tasks shows any task assigned to you and you can customise sections and view (apart from timeline) as well as add custom fields. IF you are desperate for timeline you could add a rule to your my tasks so that every time a task is added to My Tasks it adds to your personal project if you want?

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My Tasks would be perfect but it doesn’t include the Workflow automation. Add that to My Tasks and the solution would be done. Example: my work is almost always time based primarily–across multiple projects. It’s less important what project I’m working and more important what I have to get done today (I support multiple people on multiple projects). I have sections in My Tasks based on Do This Month, Do This Week, Do Today. I’d love to have a Workflow that would automatically put tasks assigned to me in the appropriate section based on Due Date. I can’t do it because My Tasks isn’t considered to be a “Project” therefore no Workflow.

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Re “Workflow”: I think you mean the Workflow tab in projects, but @Danielle-GenD’s suggestion was to add a rule which can be done in My Tasks via Customize > Rules. However, unless you’re on the Business or Enterprise Asana plan, you won’t have access to the needed rule action.

Re your My Tasks workflow, many of us don’t rely on the automation you’re asking for. It’s more manual, but it allows for you to triage “what you have to do today” as you mention because if a task that will take you multiple days to do is due in a eight days, you would want it in a Do Today section (or at least I would!). To achieve that workflow, I wrote this article which many clients have used, in case you want to have a look:


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The problem with Custom Rules is they don’t run on Tasks put in Recently Assigned…I have to manually sort them out first–which completely negates the entire purpose of needing the rule. Because I am in a support function I receive upwards of 100 plus tasks a day and was hoping to automate the basic sorting into a section based on Due date.

If a system are going to tout the first step in any automation is to do a manual step then the system has failed the usability aspect.

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I was offering one solution which I understand doesn’t work for you. Asana offers many options, the one I showed was only one.

That’s not the case (except for recurring tasks).



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I appreciate te help, I really do, but several of the solutions don’t appear to work or, are so confusing/convuluted they are harder to configure than they should be,

I’ll have to report Rules as having a bug because I’ve yet to get a single one to run unless it’s in any other section than Recently Assigned. There appears to be another bug as well as they don’t seem to run rules after the first one in a section. As to how and when the rules run it still seems to be a black box. I know they are supposed to run at midnight, but they don’t appear to.