Automatically add any task assigned to Me to a Project

It would be incredibly useful to be able to create a project (as it allows a board view and advanced customization), and have the ability to automatically add any tasks assigned to me to that project.

Agreed. OR, provide views that are not based on the assumption that every view is linked to exactly 1 project. Thereby one can allow viewing of tasks, milestones, subtasks etc. that are in multiple projects without forcing them to be added to a project that is created for no other purpose than to allow a few tasks from a few projects to be seen together. The current Asana approach is not scaleable and it violates CS 101 principles to require data to be modified merely to view it in views…particularly when said data already possesses all the attributes that would make it possible to differentiate it and view it through search.

Please check JIRA, they have allowed full SQL syntax querying (incl sorting, filtering, grouping etc.) of items across entire workspaces for…approximately 17 years.