Autoassign my tasks to my own project

For my daily GTD and prioritization, I have a separate project where I put all the tasks which are assigned to me. Is there a way to automatically add a tasks assigned to me to a specified project?


Is there a reason you’d like to have these in a separate project instead of simply creating sections or using tags on the MyTasks page?

Hi @paulminors I do a similar thing but mine is my own to do list of all different things I get allocated; I create most of my own tasks as a lot of our team aren’t computer savvy and come via email or verbally (work in the construction/quarry industry).
The reason I use the separate project for this is because if I delegate tasks they don’t show under My Tasks, but I would still like to be able to keep track of them easily.
Off topic a little but is there a work around for this, to keep delegated tasks under “My Tasks”? Or a better way than having a full project of my own to do list?

No, you can’t keep delegated tasks in MyTasks. One option could be to keep the parent task assigned to you and use a subtask to assign a part of the work to someone else. Or use the “Assign copy” feature.

Okay, will see what works. Thanks for your help :blush:

I would like to do something similar. Since my task don’t show custom fields (that i’m using for time estimation for example) I’m actually using different project for organising my tasks. Although I’m missing the feature of automatically showing me new tasks assigned to me!


I would like this so I can organize my tasks by custom pulldowns and make use of the timeline or even better make “My Tasks” more powerful by adding these features (I understand that tasks come from projects that already have their own fields, so letting me pick three from all the pulldowns available in the system is fine)

Today, This week, later… was useful when I first started GTD but over the years I found that as my list of tasks has gotten longer and many tasks have been “deprioritized” and thus forgotten, I need a more nuanced way of sorting through them.

I’d also love a “My tasks” daily/weekly calendar so I don’t have to use google calendar to plan and keep track of my tasks and the time it takes me to do them

@ian3 I started to have a new approach. I have a project “October 2018”, “November 2018”… Anything that is not a priority is moved to the current month (or a later month), which I check regularly if I have free time :slight_smile:
So My Tasks is really small, no more than a dozen of tasks :+1:

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I think what we all need is for Asana to add the custom fields and Rules features to MyTasks.
That way you could use the Rules feature to automatically add all the tasks that are assigned to you to a project of your choice.
I am looking for the same thing for my process.


To take it one step further, can’t we just make My Tasks a proper project with all the functionality that entails (e.g. custom fields, rules, etc). I realize the use case for My Tasks is a bit different in terms of a bias towards scheduling, but seems like you could just make it more flexible.


My Tasks doesn’t allow custom fields that help with prioritisation. I have Project with all my tasks that allows me to see priority as well as due date and I can adjust my work flow by sorting by priority.

I agree that the MyTasks section should be upgraded to include all the features of a project. I never liked the “Today” “Upcoming” and “Later” priorities. So last week, I created a “Weekly Plan” project with sections for each day of the week. I tried using tags in the MyTasks view, but you can’t sort by tags. I tried using custom fields, but that didn’t work either. The only thing that I could get working was a dedicated project.
Board View:

List View:

Two weeks ago was one of my busiest weeks, and I completed 48 tasks that week. Last week, I did implemented my Weekly Plan project and completed 89 tasks. I nearly doubled my productivity.

My Weekly Plan project also displays a custom field for “Hours” so I can estimate the amount of time each task will take. Also, I have tags with the type of work it is (Code/Admin/Frontend/Design) When I spend time on Monday planning out my week, I can easily block my time together by type and make sure I’m not scheduling too much for one day.

I used to have dozens of tasks that I marked as due today, and then every day I would evaluate which one I needed to tackle first. Then at the end of the day, I would reschedule them as due tomorrow. That was a horrible way to handle my own task management. This new way is so much better for me.

I just wish I could automate the part of the process where I have to make sure all tasks that are assigned to me are also in this project. As it stands now, I have to constantly check MyTasks just to be sure.

Nice setup, @Mark_Tenney!

Way to go! :clap:

Yes yes totally agree - planning to do way more than you actually can each day and then having to constantly reschedule a lot of it is such an energy drain!

You could use a Flowsana rule - Flowsana rules work in My Tasks, so you could create a rule there of “When a new task is added, add it to the My Weekly Plan project.” Then again, you might just want to wait for the upcoming changes to My Tasks, which will make it more like a regular project, and see where you land after that.

@Mark_Tenney, Did you consider just using My Tasks for your groupings instead of a separate project? That would save a lot of effort.

See this screenshot and imagine replacing the hours sections with the ones you have–for each day:

You wouldn’t have Board view right now, but you actually will have it automatically in a few minutes after Asana’s My Tasks upgrade that’s on the way.


You are in luck that is coming very very soon :stuck_out_tongue:
Your project looks really good!


@Mark_Tenney I’d like to dog pile and offer a :clap: as well. Great setup. I hope what you have built is more or less a mock-up of what is to come with the next iteration of My Tasks. Well done!

Is there somewhere I can follow the enhancements coming soon? I have been begging for this for over 3 years now and trying all kinds of workarounds to no avail.

You can probably follow the product announcement category of the forum, cc @Emily_Roman