Autoassign my tasks to my own project



For my daily GTD and prioritization, I have a separate project where I put all the tasks which are assigned to me. Is there a way to automatically add a tasks assigned to me to a specified project?


Is there a reason you’d like to have these in a separate project instead of simply creating sections or using tags on the MyTasks page?


Hi @paulminors I do a similar thing but mine is my own to do list of all different things I get allocated; I create most of my own tasks as a lot of our team aren’t computer savvy and come via email or verbally (work in the construction/quarry industry).
The reason I use the separate project for this is because if I delegate tasks they don’t show under My Tasks, but I would still like to be able to keep track of them easily.
Off topic a little but is there a work around for this, to keep delegated tasks under “My Tasks”? Or a better way than having a full project of my own to do list?


No, you can’t keep delegated tasks in MyTasks. One option could be to keep the parent task assigned to you and use a subtask to assign a part of the work to someone else. Or use the “Assign copy” feature.


Okay, will see what works. Thanks for your help :blush: