"My tasks" should be a project - with the features thereof.

Anyone ever want to use “rules” for “My tasks”? E.g. when a task is made, a selection in a a custom field is assigned.

I ask because I categorize the work in “My Tasks” in a GTD method, in my own personal “project” - -and having my own personal project limits the functionality of “My Tasks”.

Specifically, in my own personal project, each new task, when created, is set as “Needs Categorized”.

Then, I categorize it is “Next Action” “Scheduled” “Waiting for others” and “monitoring/ideation” etc -

However, when I make a task in “My Tasks” - it doesn’t have a rule to automatically select the custom field selection upon creation.

In short, “My Tasks” should have the same functionality as a project, in my view.


A long time ago, My Tasks was a very special view with limited features.
A few years ago they turned it into something resembling a project.

But I am confused by your message because I believe that’s possible, here’s the trigger:

Can you screenshot the equivalent in a project?