Moving "My tasks" to projects

I have all my tasks ordered into projects but I want them not to appear in my tasks once they are placed in the project, how do I do this? currently they appear in both my tasks and the project tasks.


If tasks are assigned to you they will appear in your My Tasks, so if you unassign them, or assign to others, they’ll be gone from your My Tasks.

For any tasks in your My Tasks that you would like to get out of the way, multi-select them (up to 50) and do Tab+L (for “Later”) and they will move under the Later section. Keep that section collapsed so they’re out of your view.



What you describe is basically a concept I call “parking projects”. Once moved to a parking project, a task could be unassigned from you. And then you keep a list of parking projects to check out on a regular basis.

However, be careful: if you are not assigned you are more likely to drop the ball!

I also interpret the request by @Doug_Dalton as wanting to only see tasks that are not assigned a project. If this is the case, I would recommend you save a Report from an Advanced Search where the criteria is:

  • Tasks assigned to you
  • Tasks within the following project: “No Project”