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I began creating workspaces for a few projects and adding tasks within them. I would know like to move these workspace tasks to the general (and from my understanding, private) My Task menu. Is there a way to move Workspace tasks to My Tasks?

My Tasks (by definition) will display all Tasks assigned to you, and only Tasks assigned to you. So…assign the Tasks of interest to yourself, and they will appear in My Tasks.

If you want them NOT to appear within their current projects, then delete the Project(s) from each Task. (This can be done as a batch operation.)

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Thank you for your response. My question is-- if I set up tasks within my workspace for a project, is there a way to move these workspace tasks to the My Task tab to be included there as well? (I don’t know if it helps, but I am working as an individual). Thank you!

Every single task assigned to you will show under „My Tasks“ too.

My Tasks is a list of all the to-dos (or “tasks” in Asana) assigned to you in a given Organization or Workspace.

Thank you. But if I am working solo, there are no tasks assigned to me, correct? So, if I begin organizing a project in “My Workplace,” can I move/drag/copy-paste items from “My Workplace” to “My Tasks”?

Even if you are working on your own right now I‘d recommend assigning tasks and due dates so you know when which tasks are due + otherwise the tasks won‘t show under „My Tasks“.

Now if you really don‘t want to assign tasks but have them in one project to organize you‘d have to set up a separate project to which you add all your tasks from other projects (multi-homing the tasks can be done via rules if on paid plan)
This way you‘d be able to have a full overview of all tasks within the whole workspace.
Alternatively a saved search from and advanced search report might work too in your case.

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Thank you. So it seems that moving items from My Workplace to My Tasks is not possible. Is this correct?
Therefore, it seems easier to start by adding items to My Tasks and then assign them to projects in My Workplace, correct?

My Tasks is basically a private project where only your tasks are visible. All tasks that have you as assignee are listed.
You can add the tasks to other projects as well so they will then show under „My Tasks“ if assigned to you and in the other project/s you added them to.
As soon as a task is assigned to somebody else it won‘t show under „My Tasks“ since it is not your task anymore then.

More info here: How to Get Started With Asana My Tasks | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Thanks. I understand how My Tasks works.
My question is "if I begin organizing a project in “My Workplace,” can I move/drag/copy-paste items from “My Workplace” to “My Tasks”?
In essence, can I work the opposite direction, starting with My Workplace and then move items to My Tasks?

Not really because every single task assigned to is automatically added to „My Tasks“

You can reorganise and customize the sections, custom fields etc in My Tasks though.

Yes definitely because all tasks with you as assignee will show up in My Tasks anyway.

Gotcha. Thank you!

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