Assign multiple assignees on one task

secondary owners would be a great compromise. pretty standard for project teams to have people supporting each other’s tasks. duplicate tasks for the same item is tedious and confusing.


I am also in the middle of planning a new implementation and facing this similar scenario.
For most (>90%) of our tasks, the single assignee would work. However there are times where some “Tasks” (example, field personnel) are performed in teams of 2+ people.
I’m exploring a saved search where one of the filters is “Collaborator = Me” to supplement my tasks… not sure if this will work but this discussion is giving me ideas…

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I agree there can be an assignee and then a secondary assignee. That way the task still shows up on a secondary assignees board but they aren’t necessarily the owner.

Adding to the apparently 6 year old request for multiple assignees. No workarounds, no suggestions, just multiple assignees.


Agree, this is still very much a huge feature that is needed and am considering other platforms because we need to be able to have multiple assignee’s to a task.

Has there been any feature updates that have addressed this or adding a secondary assignee?


New user here. Utterly baffled why this isn’t possible and then stumbled across this forum, and yikes!

If some people are so against the feature for their workflows (and I’m not suggesting that they are incorrect in their arguments at all), then perhaps a simple option to disable it for certain workspaces by the owner would solve this?

Apologies if I’m missing some of the subtlety of arguments for and against from the 665(!) preceding posts, but this is a colossal missing feature for our team, and one which will probably lead to us trying to find another software solution. But I really like Asana in every other way and would much rather stick with it!


How do I assign 2 people to the same task?

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Welcome, @Ron_L_Williams,

A task can be assigned to one person only. You can vote to change that at the top of this thread into which I’ve merged your post.

Workarounds exist, including this one:

Hope that helps,


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Just adding to the chorus. This has become a serious issue for us. When we have new tasks and a pool of people that might take lead we have no reasonable way to assign it to the group. making subtasks and assigning them creates dramatically more work and is basically non-functional for us.

We really like Asana, but we’re ‘outgrowing’ it because of this.

Adding some sort of ‘group’ and group membership and being able to assign a task to the group would solve this. or allow multiple people to be assigned like the original post.

But let me sat this, the original post is now 6 years old and has got zero traction. That is actually more concerning than the lack of the feature. Suggests Asana really isn’t listening. How many people have left the platform or not started it because of this? Just look at the massive number of posts by different users in this thread.

Asana, we need a solution.


This request has been sat here for 6 years. The statement regarding people can ‘vote to change that’ suggests that only customers who vote on this community group will be listened to when if comes to reasonable change requests.

There is clearly an underlining business decision from Asana which has prevented this feature, which is so common on most other project management platforms, from going into development and being rolled out.

Workarounds are temporary fixes, 6 years isn’t a temporary time period.

What’s really going on? How can we help?


Welcome, @Aly_Sébastien,

Since you replied to my post, I want to be clear that I wasn’t suggesting that at all.

Here’s the process Asana uses to evaluate feedback and prioritize, incorporating more than just the Forum:


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For me it would me great to be able to keep one person as the responsible one, but being able to add attendees to an event for example. Like I will be the one leading a meeting, but i need to add other people so it can show in their calendars, without the need to add to calendar, cause the integration not always workds and created a lot of confusion and double events

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There are instances where two individuals are equally responsible for the completion of a task, and actually having the ability to only assign the whole task to a single person is a point of tension. It would be good to have the option.


I had an idea that I’m hoping might solve a lot of issues people have with the one assignee policy: Expand My Tasks with assigned and collaborating tasks

6 years later and this is still an issue that hasn’t been resolved? I just started using Asana with my team and cannot understand why my project management tool is telling me how to manage my project instead of me. The UX team should’ve been able to figure out something by now and it’s very disappointing that nothing has been done to resolve this issue with nearly 2k votes :frowning: Definitely not going to upgrade our team out of freemium if customer suggestions are tossed aside like this.


To add multiple assignees is essential to my team, using subtask to do this is a problem, and the subtasks don’t even sync the automations, tags and custom fields from the mais task
the solution we found was to keep changing manually the responsible for that task, but when the task is completed, only the last responsible gets the credit for completing the task when we try to see the reports

2 days into actually interacting with this software. Its great, even motivating to use.

Then I find myself up this culdesac. I might not make it past the trial, so thank you for letting me explore the platform before I even had to enter a credit card. Don’t change that.

Sanitation is a group project, that is repeated, for our team. The inability to assign a group task (to work as a team) without micromanaging the propagation of duplicate tasks is hobbling.


My department has been working in Asana for a year and a half, and our biggest issue is the inability to assign multiple people to one task. Subtasks, collaborators, and other work arounds do not solve our issue. We are a marketing department that includes main graphic designers, and then a person that controls the marketing for an entire sub-entity, which means they would have control over the ads placed, but would need to work in tandem with our graphic designers to create, adjust, proof the art for an ad. Almost all of our employees work exclusively out of their “my-tasks” so they are often duplicating work because the collaboration tasks aren’t included in “my-tasks”. This is obviously a very hot topic and something that many users want, so why is it mid 2023 and this still isn’t implemented?

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Why is this still not a feature? I’m prepared to move to another solution now thanks to this.


It would be very helpful to be able to have multiple assignees on a task so that when something gets marked complete, both people get credit for the work they did. Its pointless to have collaborators but only one person gets credit for the task at hand.