Assign multiple assignees on one task

I completely agree. Having an assignee hierarchy would be great. Primary, secondary, etc.

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anyone else need the ability to have 2-3 people as the task assignee.

we use asana as our job assignment for the parts we make in our product line
some of the jobs are so large we have 2-6 people all working on the same tasks
they are all responsible to track there labour time in the job task so it is easy for the production manager to see how many hrs are spent on that part.

Looking for any easier ideas so my employees dont have to search for the tasks in the main projects.


Hi @Levi_Wierenga , welcome to the forum :wave:

I have merged your post into this existing thread where, as you can see, many have requested this feature. Don’t forget to vote using the purple button at the top of this thread!

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I am blown away that this has not been done already.

there are other apps and services that allow this function and many great ideas have been listed here.


Another vote for this feature.

What about a task for creative ideation, where I have two creatives working simultaneously on a task? Or frankly any design or creative job that’s a true collaboration rather than having a single person of responsibility.

In this scenario both people have the same estimated time on the task, and are working together on it. And yet, I can only assign it to show up in one person’s task list. Unless I duplicate it, which headaches with how we report on design briefs (1 brief = 1 task in our board) and communicate (all comms happen on the task itself).


I just signed on was testing some things and after looking for answers I found this thread forum. Super bummed I was lead to believe from the flexibility I would be able to assign a task to multiple workers and let them “claim” the task somehow. Not having this feature is a. Deal breaker for sure.

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My coworker sees the Assign to multiple people option on her Tasks but I do not. Are you A/B testing this or something (happy to share screenshot)


She’s probably referring to this, which doesn’t assign the same task to multiple people but rather creates duplicates of the task and assigns each one to one of the people selected here?

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This is what she sees.

@anon90220464 Interesting. What happens next when that is selected?

It allows her to select another person!

Yes but the critical question is, does it create a duplicate task assigned to that other person; or if not, how does it display the two people on that one task? Screenshots would be great, thanks!

This will allow copies of the task to multiple people, but just to clarify it won’t allow to assign one single task to multiple people.

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Thanks for clarifying, @Marie - that was my hunch, I think they’re just running an A/B test on whether to change the label of that function from the existing “Assign duplicate tasks” to “Assign to multiple people”, right?


Yeah must be an A/B test.

Correct, @Phil_Seeman :slight_smile:

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The fact that “Assign task to multiple people” creates a duplicate task is a bit of a joke, isn’t it? A button that does something completely different than it says should have no place in a serious software. Duplicating tasks is not only confusing, it could trigger all sorts of workflows that happen on task creation that you don’t want to run.


100% agree! I come from ClickUp and and it is much more beneficial to see the task in its entirety instead of one subtask that most likely does not have all the info you need and then take another step to revert to the parent task. Frustrating.

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Hello. I join the conversation. As many of the people in this forum I ask Asana to give a solution for this problem.
The point is not if there should be one only main “Responsible” for the task. The point is that you could easily add many more people to the task by adding a customized field (we have done that) but then the task won’t appear in the personal calendar “My task” of the people who is not the main responsible of the task. I found that so not productive.

The best way we have found (better that the unproductive and slowing-down way of duplicating task, is creating sub-tasks, as many people explain. Still not satisfying at all.

I mean, you just have to think about a meeting. We all need to have a meeting in our calendar, and many times there is not a main responsible for a meeting, even if this is not the point. It would do if only you could add the customized field of “Other collaborator” and that would appear in everyone’s calendar.

I really hope you can fix that soon, it’s being really neccesary for many of your costumers.

Thank you.

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Furthermore. When you create sub-tasks to assign each one of them to all the people involved in the task, this appears in everyone’s My Tasks calendar, but without the project’s identifications colour, just in white, which is not helpful at all.