Asana won't load

Went to lunch today and had the old dashboard. Came back from lunch and there is a greyed out screen that is a different layout but it will not fully load. Cannot load on pc or ipad. Only task list loads in iphone app. It says I don’t have a connection but the office internet is absolutely operational. Or I would not be able to post this. What is going on??

@Pamela_Leonard Hi it does seem to be working okay for me and have checked http://trust.asana com and there doesn’t seem to be any issues.
Do you still have the problem?

I can open all of the asana help and info pages, but my personal home page will not open. I have rebooted. I have deleted cookies and browsing data. Etc. Still no go. My ipad also cannot access my info.

Hi @Pamela_Leonard sorry about the troubles, let’s see if I can help with this.

Did you perhaps bookmark a special link on your computer to access Asana or are you simply attempting to login from the homepage?

To rule out some possibilities, are you having the same issue accessing this link ( ?


Hi Pamela, was this resolved for you? I need help desperately and I’ve not seen how to. I cannot load Asana at all. After login, it just spins. =(

Hi @Marlena_Smith :wave:t4:

Sorry to hear that you are still experiencing troubles with this. Can you try reaching out to our Support Team directly with more details so we can get you back up and running?

A member of our Team would love to assist you if you submit a support request via: “I’m having trouble with…” > Scroll down and click on “Let’s talk”.

Chat soon! Kind regards,

Cathya :blush:

I’m having the same problem as @Marlena_Smith except I don’t even see the login screen.
when I go to I get a white screen with a few text messages “populating projects, fetching new comments, updating project status, preparing inbox.”

Hi @stefan3 and sorry for the delay in responding to you!

Could you please try the following steps? and let us know what the results are? We look forward to your reply!

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