Asana is not loading

I’m having the same issues on several Mac’s with my team. The connectivity troubleshooting link doesn’t help in any way. It just keeps populating projects, updating contacts, etc. etc. etc. forever. Any other solutions?

Hi @Steven_Grabowski,

Can you please confirm what results you’re getting when running this test?

websocket connection success. All green, no warnings.

Any other ideas? Is there a way to get in touch with technical support on this issue?


Hi @Steven_Grabowski and so sorry for the delay in responding to you.

From what I’m seeing you’re the only member of your Asana Organization, so I’m not sure how this is impacting your team. I see your account was newly created, and it looks like you were never able to log in, so I think you’re experiencing logging issues rather than connectivity issues.

Could you please log into Asana with another browser? If this doesn’t help, I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support team, unfortunately, due to security reasons we can’t resolve this issue via the Forum/

I sent a ticket in to the support team - never received a response. Is there a support team? is there a phone number? are there ‘people’ working there? I have a client who is having issues - they cannot log in as the portal just spins and spins and spins… cleared cache, did everything the support article states. Still cannot log in. From another pc? no problem - but that isn’t a solution is it? “our software doesn’t work - you’ll need a new pc”…

Any suggestions on this?

Hi @Steven_Grabowski,

Our support team does it’s best to respond to customers as soon as possible, but note that they do prioritise Premium support, so if you’re with the free version it might take them a little longer to get back to you.

Also, in your first post, I understood that you were experiencing the issue, but from your second post it seems that your customer is actually experiencing the issue, so apologies if my answer didn’t help, I wasn’t aware the issue was happening to someone else.

If the issue is only happening on one computer, we’re absolutely not asking you to purchase a new one, but it is a clear indicator that the issue isn’t related directly to Asana (if it was it wouldn’t work on any laptop), but to the computer. Either way, our support team should be able to investigate this for you.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. All the best.

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