Asana Not Loading for ONE User on ANY Browser


I have not been able to figure out how to get tech support from Asana so am posting here in hopes of a solution. We have a user who has been using Asana Desktop for over a year. Suddenly – it will not load for her. It opens but the left sidebar and the project description area are just blank with “flashing grey” lines. She gets an error message saying: Trying to Reconnect. Changes will be Synched Once Restored. She was using Firefox and IE. I had her install Chrome and open in Chrome and the same thing happened. Any ideas? This has been happening for two days so computer has been on and off. I see her account in the workspace. I’m at a loss.


Hi @Barbara_Pfeiffer, I think your best bet is to contact support directly using this approach:

Click “I’m having trouble with…”
Then scroll down and click “Let’s talk”

Best wishes,