Asana sync to Google Sheets broken

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Team members are reporting that the Asana project export to Google Sheets feature is not working. Google sheets returns the error “Could not fetch url”

Steps to reproduce: From an asana project, go to “Sync tasks to google sheet” – get the =IMPORTDATA link – paste it in a google sheet – error message appears

Browser version: Chrome Version 104.0.5112.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:


I’m having the same issue! It’s preventing my automatic email follow ups from sending.

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I tried to replicate, and did see a hesitation and a brief error message in the Google Sheet, but then the error resolved and the data did load. So it’s not broken, but I did see it hesitate and throw a temporary error, which it resolved. So that is new behavior.


Hm, thanks for double checking Stephanie. I’m still getting the “could not fetch URL” error a few seconds after that “Loading data,” error appears on my end. I’ve tried changing public preview settings and syncing several projects with no success.

I would suggest contacting Asana support. Good luck!


Hey @_Alyssa as Stephanie suggested definitely reach out to Support and they should be able to assist in having this sorted.

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I was using the export to google sheets which has worked really well but has stopped about 5 days ago and now is not working.

it just says error on google side.

Hello @Johnny_Hacking, sorry to hear about this, have you tried different browsers already?
This might be helpful as well: Unable to connect to Google drive - #14 by Scott_Burns

And in case this does not help have a look here also Export Live Data from Asana into Google Sheet - #3 by lpb although that seems to be only for the project and not portfolio level.
If your Asana plan has also stayed the same and the troubleshooting does not help I recommend reaching out to Asana support as I am sure they will be able in having this resolved :slight_smile:


Between @Johnny_Hacking’s report in this thread about Portfolio Sync to GSheets, and also this separate thread about Project/Tasks Sync to GSheets:

Both of these features seem to have broken at the same time–within the last two days.

Might that help in figuring out a cause?

Might it be worth escalating these two bug reports together?



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Hi all, thanks for flagging this!

Our Engineers have confirmed that there is currently a bug affecting Asana’s ability to sync with Google Sheets. They are working on this as a priority and we hope to have a resolution very soon.

I’ll keep you all posted here :slight_smile:


Same issue, and has been an issue for over a week now, its really starting to impact our workflows, any ETA on this one @Rebecca? It’s a fundamental integration for our organisation.

Hello! Has anyone have this resolved? I am still having this issue.

Still an issue for our organisation, @Rebecca_McGrath any chance of an update?

I am still having same issue as well

@Rebecca_McGrath is there any update on this?

Our workaround for this issue has been to export the reports manually through CSV exports but it lacks the same information as those Google exports and it’s not updated as frequently.

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@Rebecca_McGrath This is still a big issue for our org. Can we please have an ETA for fix?

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Hi @Niamh_Mongey, unfortunately I can’t give an ETA here but our Engineers are working on this as a priority as it does seem to be impacting quite a lot of users.

As soon as I have any updates, I’ll share them here.

Thank you for your patience!


Thanks for the response @Rebecca_McGrath FYI the issue randomly fixed for about 20 mins this morning. But is now once again showing “Could not fetch url” again.

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Our team used to have the same issue a few days ago. The task we were working on was pretty urgent, so we decided to try using a third-party ETL platform to connect Asana to Google Sheets to export all the required data. Hope that was a one-time necessary measure and we will not face similar issues in the future.

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Thanks for looking into this, Rebecca.

To add some context to this issue: My org uses this functionality as the backbone for reporting, as Asana’s charts are not fully fledged out, with significant limitations.

Re-exporting manually adds a lot of overhead which we can’t afford. There is also Google Data Studio and automated charting done on top of our current Google Sheets live link, so re-exporting will likely break all of these or need manual shuffling of the data… which would be a pain.

My reporting is blocked due to this bug. I hope it’s resolved soon.