Asana sync to Google Sheets broken

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath Is is possible to confirm that this will definitely be fixed (even if you cannot confirm when). As we have numerous reports built on this functionality, I am now faced with a decision between waiting for Asana or switching tools.

Also @Rebecca_McGrath for your information the issue seems to be with the update and not the initial export. When I export fresh to a new sheet the data appears. However existing exports are broken.

See below two snips that show the exact same URL:

  • List item One exported this morning is showing the error, however one exported since is not

  • List item One exported a few mins ago

Hi folks, I have an update for you all. Google has confirmed that it was a change on their end that caused the Asana <> Google Sheet sync to break.

Google is planning to investigate this issue further today, however, they do not expect it to be fixed within the next 2 weeks and they have not yet shared any additional timeline with us. I’m sorry I don’t have better news to share here.

As soon as we have any additional information, I will update this post.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to our Support team for guidance and support on potential workarounds: How to contact our Support Team ✉

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This sync is available for Premium users or only for Business users?

Thanks for the update on this. It’s affecting my work as well. I’ll stay tuned for future updates.

@Rebecca_McGrath, Are there really any potential workarounds? If so, it would be helpful to post here since many of us are facing this problem (I have large clients waiting for this, and it’s become hard to demo), especially if this is not going to be resolved very soon.



Hi folks, thank you for your continued patience on this. There are currently two workarounds we can suggest:

  1. Connecting a blank sheet with a script that triggers every hour:

  2. Create a blank sheet via

  3. Determine the Asana URL for your data

1. *For Portfolio Exports, this is the []( URL in cell A2 in the Live Source Data*
2. *For search/project exports, this is the []( URL suggested in the export dialog*
  1. Follow the instructions here: How to set up automatic updates on a Google Sheet - Datawrapper Academy


Users can manually apply this workaround to each sheet they are working with: Google Issue Tracker

For Portfolio Google Sheet exports, if cell A2 in the Live Source Data is updated with the last line in the linked comment, then the data in the Live Source Data should populate. (You will need to replace “YourURL” with the URL that was already in the cell)

For other “Sync to Google Sheets” features in Asana, the same workaround can be used by updating the =IMPORTDATA formula.

I hope this helps!

Hi Rebecca- Thanks for these work arounds. #1 works for portfolios but when we try to export for a project (#2) the script fails. We see the URL when trying to download a CSV (on a PC in Chrome) and also noticed it does not have a key= in the URL like the portfolio URL has in A2. My colleague who is on a Mac also does not receive a dialogue box at all when downloading a project CSV - so the directions for Mac users on locating that URL would also be helpful.

Hi @Katie_Gleason, thanks for following up!

Our Product team have let me know that for now, our recommended and supported workaround at this point is to use the CSV export functionality to directly download the necessary data for the relevant project or portfolio (and optionally upload it to Google Sheets). While manual, this path should be reliable and give you access to their data to accomplish timely work while we address this issue.

Hi folks, just checking in here.

Our Product team and Google have made some changes that may have resolved this issue for some of you. Could you please confirm if you are still experiencing this issue or if this is resolved for you (:crossed_fingers:)?

No it didn’t work for me

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I just checked and it hasn’t seemed to work for me yet

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Hi Rebecca- it worked for me for about 20 minutes and then stopped.

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Still having this issue here

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Rebecca, one note about Manual CSV: I am using the flowsana app add in to help with workback workflows for start dates and deadlines. When I download the CSV for a project that has dates that are dependent the CSV shows no value in the start and end date fields. Any recommendations on that?

I copied the export function call from Asana and pasted it into Google sheets. It populated the data. Then I came back a few hours later and it stopped working. It says

Could not fetch url:

I tried clearing my cookies and getting and pasting the URL again but I’m still getting the error.

Welcome, @anon24778054,

I believe what you’re running into is a known bug, with work in progress:


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This is still broken for me.

Hello, Any updates here?

How do i get this option to export to google sheets?
When I try to export any project there’s only Sync to calendar, CSV, JSON and Print. It used to be there a year ago or so, but now it’s not.

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