Asana - GSheets integration bug with Zapier and Workaround option.

Hello, I’m sharing a bug between Zapier and Asana’s API that other Asana users might be experimenting.

I have a Zap set up to add a new line in a Gsheet everytime a task is marked as completed in a specifc project (e.g. “Project A”)

This past days I’ve had completed tasks from other unexpected projects (e.g “Project B” “Project D”, etc) trigger the zap (projects that are not part of the Zap itself) so dozens of new lines were added to the GSheet that were not relevant to the Asana project it is linked to.

This is the answer from the Zapier Support team (including a workaround):

Thanks for this info. I’ve investigated the issue, and it looks like there is an open issue report on this where users are seeing their Completed Task step trigger on tasks from unexpected projects too.

I am seeing some notes on this from my team.This seems to be an issue that just came up with Asana’s API:

** Asana is actively working on a fix*
** This is the only Asana trigger that’s affected – other triggers use a different way of pulling in data, so I wouldn’t expect you to see this type of bug in other Asana trigger steps.*

I have added you to the existing bug report on this issue. That does a few things:

- Tracks the users affected by this bug so our team that maintains this Asana integration can further prioritize this issue.
- Allows us to notify you via email when this bug is fixed (this will likely be on Asana’s end!)

While I don’t have an ETA on when there might be a resolution, you’ll definitely be notified as soon as we hear back that it’s been fixed.

Workaround option : In the meantime, you can use a stop-gap measure to make sure your GSheets step is only tried if the right project triggered the Zap. If you add a Filter step after step 1, filtering on your project ID, this can allow you avoid Zap errors in the meantime while Asana resolves this issue. As a reminder, we will notify you when this is fixed so you can later remove the Filter step!

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Asana released an update an issue has been solved