Asana for Nonprofits - Asana Nonprofit Discount now available!

You should contact the support or the sales team through the site.
Go to, into “Having Trouble With” and then below you will find a “Still can’t find an answer” button.


Hey @Adrienne_McCue, I just want to add to what @Bastien_Siebman have suggested here and reassure you that cancelling a paid Plan will not remove any of your created Tasks, Projects or Teams.

When you cancel a paid Plan you would simply lose access to all of its paid features such as Custom Fields or Forms. However, as soon as you start a new paid Plan all these features would then again be available and visible as they were before. I would also recommend reaching out to our Support Team as they will be able to discuss this in more detail with you!


Thanks, I’m moving forward… just got a little nervous. You might want to add that bit into the application process for people who have paid accounts…


Great to hear that Asana is now available for non-profits in more countries.

What about Latvia (and Eastern Europe), do you have any estimates about launching nonprofit program here? NGOs here are even more financially constrained and for many Asana standard prices can be prohibitive.

We have Techsoup certification here up and running. Is it difficult to add Asana to their offer?

Thank you!


Hey @Aivars1 :wave:

Welcome to the Community Forum & thank you for this question. We do have plans to expand to the Baltics on the roadmap but perhaps I can help you a little faster than that! I’m going to reach out to you directly to get more information on the nonprofit organization you work with.

Speak soon!

PS: If there are other community forum members working for nonprofits that are eligible, but are registered in countries that we have not expanded to yet, feel free to reach out to me directly for assistance;


@Arron_Williams - as a nonprofit, we love your software (and thank you for providing such a robust free option) We do a ton of work in our community and in Haiti for people of all faiths… but we are a faith based organization! Is there a reason that Asana chose to explicitly exclude faith based organizations from this program?

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Hi @Jon_Hazeltine

We apologize if you feel excluded by our eligibility requirements at the present time. If your organization is engaged in providing services to all people regardless of their religious beliefs, does not propagate a belief in a specific faith, but is doing so through the calling of faith, then we highly encourage your organization to consider adjusting your designation to align with this work.

For additional details, click the following link to Techsoup’s community post on the topic.

In the meantime, I’ve escalated your case to our team and have included the context of your message (if you don’t mind!) for them to consider, should we decide to revisit this policy in the future.

Thanks for pushing it through! And thank you for the link! It seems that you guys are echoing Microsofts restrictions and requirements. I have noticed that a lot of tech soup members have not followed quite so closely to Microsoft,. We do “propagate a belief in a specific faith” which is what disqualifies us, but we are certainly involved in serving people without discriminating on the basis of faith. Microsoft’s position seems to discriminate against people of faith pretty strongly! That said - I am glad to see you guys engaging the sector and hope you find your own voice in the midst of it. I tend to think that anyone focused on the “10 global grand challenges” (singularity university) are all on the same team and deserve the maximum support that we can provide!

• Resource Needs: Energy, Environment, Water, Food, Shelter, Space
• Societal Needs: Security, Governance, Learning, Health, Disaster Resilience, Prosperity


Thanks all set guys! You rock!


Welcome to the program @Adrienne_McCue, we’re so happy to have you!
Let us know how we can help :muscle:


Thanks so much everyone!

We just shared some exciting news that the Asana Nonprofit Discount is now available in 45 more countries!


:point_up: Some breaking news hot off the press, If you havent had the chance to see it yet!

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We just shared some exciting news, the Asana Nonprofit Discount is now available worldwide!


I am so frustrated. I work for a very small 501c3 organization (2 people) of which I am the only one using Asana… and that’s just the way it is. We have a TechSoup account however there is a $73 administrative fee and only a 50% discount, and the smallest plan size I can select anywhere is 2 people, which really penalized those of us who are solo workers and still see the benefits of using the software on our own. With the $73 admin fee and 50% discount, the price even for 2 people is over $200 annually which is only ~$60 less than if I just signed up for a regular account. We are a TINY non-profit, hence having only two part-time consultants making up our whole organization.

I was really excited about Asana but there seems to be no option that is cost effective for us unfortunately except the Basic plan which lacks the reporting I needed to make my monthly reporting process more streamlined.

I suggest making a plan available for small non-profit teams (e.g. <5 seats) that is free. We would still need to pay the $73 admin fee on TechSoup but at least this would be more reasonable for our budget.

In short, I have found that the current situation is extremely frustrating and there seems to be no real workaround right now that would give me the features that I need besides paying for this out of pocket, which is not something I want to do right now.

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You’re more than welcome to help us out over at Operation: ADULTing™! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome, @Martina_Iwala,

You’re welcome to join every first Wednesday of the month at my recurring Asana AMA for Nonprofits to ask any questions.