Archiving columns in the board view




I’m using Asana boards to track bugs, their state and their resolution. Each release and patch release becomes a new column so that it is clearly visible which bug is in which state and fixed in which version, for example:

Reported | Confirmed | In progress | Fixed | Release 2.9.2 | Release 2.9.1 | …

The problem is that the list of columns grows quite long, which after a while causes performance issues in the UI. I think it would be really useful to archive (hence hide) columns in the board view to solve this problem.

An alternative I thought of is having one “Fixed” column with a custom field for the fix version. I don’t like this alternative though since the “Fixed” column grows indefinitely which slows down the UI as well. In addition, it’s impossible to see the fix version from the board view.

Curious to hear your feedback!


When boards are being used, one column 'Finished' should automatically hide those tasks after a certain amount of time!

Hey @Bernhard_Schussek, is there a reason you can’t just complete the tasks and have a tag or custom field for noting the release date/etc.? Then you can pull saved searches when you want to see which bugs are fixed in what version and what not.

Also if things are becoming too unwieldly, I would also recommend (in addition to the above) doing a new project for each release. That way everything that was tackled during X release (fixed, etc.) is archived for that project.

Then using custom fields, or tags, you can bring all the bugs together in a search if you wanted to (or have a master/home project just for that reason IDK).

I think if you just moved all the tasks under X column to the release project, then archived that project, it would be a lot better.

What are your thoughts on that?

I can't delete a column; what am I doing wrong?

I’d like to +1 this request. I’m evaluating switching from Trello and our use case is exactly the same as Bernhard’s where we move things from backlog to done on our kanban board and then after each milestone or sprint we archvie the set of cards that are done. We may later refer back to them, but that is more rare than the every week cadence of archiving them.



+1 here, too. I’d also like to see this feature added. I use the project boards as components of a project, and sometimes there are MANY - all greyed out and checked off, I’d like to see them disappear in that common view, so archiving would be phenomenal. The focus then could stay on what parts are still remaining.


+1 too. Seems like an obvious feature.


+1 this as well. When using columns to manage weekly newsletters, I’d like to be able to archive the column when that newsletter is sent out. Right now my Board is reeeaallly long and unwieldy.


+1, either this functionality should be added or the ability to filter by tags on Boards


+1 this as well. We have a few folks jumping over from Trello, and they would love to be able to archive columns like you can archive almost everything else.


Yes - would find this very useful. Would make projects more nimble if you could archive the completed columns.


+1 this as well. For our set-up, it’d be much more intuitive and easy if we can archive boards, fairly frustrating this wasn’t already a feature.


+1 for archiving columns


+1 for archiving columns too.


+1. This would be helpful for monthly roadmaps as well, where columns are months. I want to archive months that have past so that the current month is always the first list.

When boards are being used, one column 'Finished' should automatically hide those tasks after a certain amount of time!

+1 for the archiving feature!


+1, my issue is the same as @Casey_Tsui as I am using Asana for online content management.


+1 for this feature. This would really add value to the board functionality.


+1 for this. Over a year i have lot of columns and to go to the current column, i have to do a scroll each time. It would be really good if i can archive the complete columns and see the current column first without a scroll


Here’s a list of related feature requests - please advise:


+1 to to this. I would love to be able to archive columns. I want to be able to see the history but no have it in current boards.


When boards are being used, one column ‘Finished’ should automatically hide those tasks after a certain amount of time!