Option to archive a board column

Hi, it would be really helpful if there was an option to archive a column on a board instead of just deleting it.

My company uses Asana boards for every single project and team workflow throughout the organisation and we sometimes have to look back over projects that are completed and revisit the data.
We have entire company roadmaps built in a single board (which works well for us), and in these cases a ‘column’ represents a whole team work stream. When that work stream is completed we don’t want to delete it for the reason outlined above, but right now that’s the only option we have to save the board (and timeline view) becoming enormous and too cluttered.

I’ve already raised this with your support team but want to flag here - it would make such a difference to have this simple feature!

Any thoughts and advice welcome in the meantime.



Hi @hannah8 and thanks for sharing your feedback here!

Unfortunately I don’t have a good workaround for archiving columns in Board. It’s a little easier in List projects as you can collapse sections to “hide” them, but as you can see on Archive a Section in a Project this is a popular topic, so hopefully something we can solve in a future update. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

Hi Marie,

Thanks for letting me know and offering to keep me updated, I’d really appreciate that, thank you