Group or Pivot on a Custom Column that Is Not a Section

My search in this space didn’t come up with anything useful, and I may have missed it if this topic has been repeatedly discussed. ChatGPT failed to find anything useful too. I thought this limitation might be a license level, but I’m not certain.

To avoid creating many projects and I don’t find the portfolio feature useful, I want to do the following on a board and list;

  • have sections or columns: Backlog, To Do, In Progress, Done
  • group on a custom column or category, i.e. Q3yyyy goal, team responsible, assignee, stakeholder BU, …
  • on a board the group names are visible on the left side with a pivot icon next to the group name.
  • clicking the pivot icon collapses or expands the tasks under the group on the board.

Jira calls this feature swimlanes on boards.


Welcome, @anon67999919,

Does this help:

You can also tweak the idea, perhaps, to accommodate your needs.

That only requires any paid Asana plan (for custom fields).

Also, the new Saved views feature, rolling out now and expected to be available to all by end of this month, could help further:


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I’ve been reading about the new Saved views feature. We’ll see if that helps us.

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