Archiving columns in the board view



Thanks for sharing your feedback @Sean_Mitchell! I’m just merging it with Feature request: Archiving columns in the board view as your request is very similar! :slight_smile:


+1, too.


Yes yes yes, me too! We use columns in our editorial team for specific projects, which are published (such as a physical newspaper). After that, the column should not be deleted, should also not stay in view, so simply archived.



A new project for each release is not working for me, too unwieldy. Marking as finished/archiving columns would be really good.


+1 would also appreciated this feature.

We’re in process of moving over form Trello where each sprint we’d have a col w/ the dates on it “Shipped Jan 1st/Jan 15th” and then archive that col at end of sprint and create a new col “Shipped Jan 16th/Feb 1st”


+1 we’d like this feature to keep things from getting unwieldy! The finished column is getting pretty long, but it can help to see ‘recently completed’ alongside incomplete tasks, as opposed to the binary complete/incomplete views we currently have. A view option of incomplete + tasks completed in the last ___ might also suffice.


I’d be happy with simply an “Archive Card” feature, like Trello has. Our team doesn’t need to archive entire Columns, but that’s a cool feature too (for those that need it).


+1 for me on this feature too. I want a fast way to archive work done by sprint or month and would prefer not to have to use tags to do this.


This feature would be really useful in cleaning up boards and archiving columns or particular tasks. I’ve noticed if you create the task that’s completed into a project it still remains on the board, so I am not finding any other way of archiving tasks or columns on boards.


+1! also needed for our team. We will move to separate projects and archive, but it is just a workaround… would be great to have this feature. thanks!


+1 Yes please, Having to delete 50+ task manually one at a time just so I can delete the column… Well It’d be much easier if I had just used post-it notes.


Count me in on this request. Archiving or deleting columns would make our workflow 10 times more efficient.


+1. I use boards as lists of sub-project-tasks. When the list of tasks is complete, so is the board. I don’t want completed boards to linger, and I don’t want to delete my work history, so I can still review it. Please enable us to archive or complete boards. Thanks!


+1 please please add this feature
it’s really hard to manage our scrum without archiving… all we could do is to have done column and keet it all the way to the right hand side end…which looks too messy


+1 to archive/hide a column, not sure why you’d want to destroy historical information.


+1! This feature is an absolute must.


+1 on this. Unless I’m missing something obvious, I just can’t see how Asana can be used for an on-going kanban project without the ability to bulk archive completed tasks without losing history. Also lacking the ability to mark multiple cards as finished at once. Again, bulk operations on columns or multiple selected cards is a must.


+1. The way this currently works is not intuitive and rather frustrating. It requires the user to do a lot of reorganization work to get the desired effect once you even figure out that’s what you need to do - which can’t be accomplished without searching for some answer.


How many years and +1 votes are you waiting for until you add this feature?
We’ve found temporary workarounds, but I keep googling “how to archive a column in Asana” every few weeks hoping to find something. This is a chronic pain!