Approval process - assign the approver

So I create a task form me, and I need my manager to approve.

  1. Create task
  2. Assign to me
  3. Mark as approval

Where do I assign my manager for approval?

Hi @Juan_Diego,

This is a great question. We recommend you creating a subtask, mark it as approval and assign it to your manager. By doing so, the main task is still assigned to you and you will receive a notification once the request to approve in the subtask was completed. For more information please have a look at this thread.

I hope this helps!

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We like to keep things simple. Tasks get assigned to whoever is currently responsible.

That way I know everything I’m supposed to do right now (or everything that is on hold waiting for me)

If someone creates a task that I need to approve, they assign it to me and leave a comment ‘approve please’. I comment ‘approved’ and assign it back to them.

I hope that helps you think of a solution that will work for your team.

Hi Ben, yes it is simple from one side, but not from the other.

For instance, manager has to do 3 things:

  1. Approve (this is intuitive)
  2. Assign back to me (this is not intuitive)
  3. Mark as not complete (so I can notice, not intuitive either)

So if my manager forgets about the 2nd and 3rd one, task is left in the void: he will see it as completed and I will have nothing assigned. So this is where the flow gets stuck.

I hope there is a better way out

Yes, for our process it is critical that the manager knows to assign it back.

Here’s how it worked for us…

Following your steps:

  1. Approve by typing comment “this is approved”
  2. Forgets to assign it back to you. Then it still sits in their to-do list, still assigned to them. This is exactly what we want.
  3. Initially a problem - we had to create a new habit “once you approve, do not mark complete, instead assign it back to me”.

Go luck with whatever process you decide.

It’s funny because I’m having the same issues as well. If you make the main task as approval task and someone click ‘changes requested’, it basically marks it as complete and drops off the ‘My Tasks’ list.

If I have to say to “reply with a comment to approve” then the “Approve” button becomes useless. In other words we should not use this feature as it creates more overload and confusion. I think it needs to be refined

That is a good solve for now, but it would be nice to maintain the resource at the task level and assign a specific approver. The resource being the person executing on the work.

Hoping Asana provides this as an option in the future. In Wrike (another project management tool), you have the ability to keep the task assigned to the person executing on the work and you can add multiple approvers to the task to ensure the necessary stakeholders have all weighed in/approved. This also allows us to maintain the that history for reference against the task without having to scroll or click through previous updates made to the task.



Issue is as follows

  1. Using sub tasks is that it is mutli step as you need to create a sub task & then turn it into an approval task.

If the original task has an attachment then its one step of request approval on the attachment.

  1. There is no indication on the original task that it is waiting for an approval ( only by going into it you can figure it is waiting for the sub task approval ) This is a major issue as you will have tasks sitting in your task list that you can not move on.

Work around would be to then turn the original task into dependant on this approval task. Which is very time consuming.

Best would be to have the ability with one click to create an approval sub task with & make the original task a dependant task on this approval sub task at the same time

This would be a win win solution.



  1. Create Task and assign to Manager with “Mark as Approval”
  2. Create another Task which you should continue after your Manager’s approval . This Task should have a “Dependencies” on the 1st Task