Is there a way to complete a task, and pass it on to someone (ie: for approval or additional steps)?



I find myself constantly with tasks in my task list that I have completed my part of, but that need attention. For example, a flier is requested and I design a draft and attach it to the task and then it is really not my task anymore until it gets feedback or approval. I want to be able to check it off my list, but it is not actually complete. It seems silly to create 3 tasks - “make a draft” assigned to me, “approve draft” assigned to supervisor, and “re-design” assigned to me… maybe we even need a couple more draft and feedback cycles!

What I REALLY want is to be able to click “hand it off”, basically. I want to get it off my task list and onto my supervisor’s list to review. And then I want them to be able to hand it back off to me when they’ve had a look and added feedback.

Is there a way to do this?


I simply change the assignee. That’s all. Change the due date if necessary. Then I do daily quick check “Task I’ve Assigned to Others”, to make sure there is nothing left unattended.


Thank you! I have thought about that, but there’s a feeling of “if I do that, will the task still appear under my list of accomplishments for review time?”


You can use tags to group it together, or to assign status if you want.


Could subtasks be a workaround for you?
You can use the ‘start date’ feature to set a date range for the parent task, and give subtasks their own due dates. Personally I find this method the easiest for multi step tasks.
This way you can assign the main task to yourself, and it will show up for your reviews. If you don’t want extra tasks showing up on your task list, you don’t need to assign your subtasks to yourself.


Thanks Ceturly, I have tried this method and felt like I was getting
drowned in minutia. The sub tasks all show up on my to do, even the far off
ones, and if I have multiple projects going on I sometimes end up with a
list of the “same” task (associated with different parent tasks) and it’s
hard to tell which one goes with which project.

Serra Hadsell