Approval assigned to (Just an Idea)

Hi everyone!

I’ve years using Asana and used a lot of tricks and hacks to make teams more productive, but it seems there are some things that, IMO, are missing in the new feature “Approval tasks”.

The idea is simple: One person assigned for the task and one person assigned for approving.

I know, there’s gonna be a lot of people who can tell me thousand hacks how to assign someone to approve and yada yada yada yada. But this is going to be more simple, more effective, more productive. Just a feature. ¿Want to add someone responsible for approval in this task? Yes.

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The current “optimized” way of using the approval feature is to create a subtask on the task itself and make that subtask an Approval task. So the assignee on the task can be different from the approving person.


Hi @Manzur and thank you for reaching out

Is this by any chance what you are currently suggesting?

Thank you! Looking forward to your reply!

Not exactly.

That’s is ONE way of assigning a task to the responsible of approving, but it’s like a “hack” to something that can be simpler I think. It’s limited to the visual design of the project also.

Like the idea that he is suggesting I have a lot and actually use it. But I think, there’s gotta be one way for the entire team to see who is responsible for approving that task and if the stage of “pending review” is block, everyone can see it right away on the board.

An idea on how to implement this:
Maybe a Custom field with type “person” where you assign one teammate and immediately that person is following that task (just like the “followers features”, so when you change stage custom field to whatever it is, like “Pending review”, he is notify and he can actually validate it. Then, he can use this new “approving feature” to say “approved” or “need changes”. Tbhe difference of simply follow the task is to everyone see who is responsible.

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