Automate Adding an Assignee for Approval

When a task is desgnated as an Approval, it would be useful to specify a user who would need to approve that task, alerting them with a notification.

This way, their Asana login would be used to authenticate the approval, rejection, or return with notes.

You can do this by either adding that user to that task within a template or creating a rule that adds them, normally when that task is no longer blocked by a dependency.

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Thank you Richard. The tasks I am thinking about are already “assigned” to a team member, but maybe the way forward is to create a separate task just for the approval.


Are you thinking of a rule that identifies the task is now an approval and adds sub tasks into the approval?

I think Richard is right, the easiest way would be to use a task template, with it already configured.
Another option would be to have a “task type” custom field, which could have “approval” as an option. When selected this could then trigger a rule to assign approvers and subtasks etc.

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Thank you for these ideas.

I do however, wish that Asana would have thought out this part of the application a little more thoroughly.

What you’re seeing is only the start; stay tuned for more.

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