Create approval as a subtask in a rule?

I’m trying to create a “smart” approval process for an ongoing project. The approval for the task needs to go through one of three people, and if any one of them approve it, the task can be marked ‘approved’ and reassigned for completion.
Here’s where I run into a problem; I can’t figure out how to create a subtask as an approval in the rule creator. I can create the subtasks, but I can’t change them to approvals. The place I’d normally make the change is grayed out.
Any ideas on how to set this?

Welcome, @Christy_McFarland,

Are you using the action Create approvals?:

Re automation with approvals:



Won’t work in this case, the approvals have to be set up as a subtask to a ‘master’ approval task. Since we only need one approval from one member of the approvals team for any given task, the idea is to set up automation that detects if one of the approvals is completed then close the main approval task:

It’s the ‘create approval as a sub-task’ part that’s presenting challenges. As near as I can find, there’s no way to create them as approvals in the automation setup.

-Chrystal M.



@Christy_McFarland - have you tried using the Create Approvals button that @lpb mentioned. The wording of the action name is confusing, but that will actually create an approval as a subtask of the triggering task (i.e. your main approval parent task) and not as a new parent-level approval.


  1. As @Stephen_Li reiterated, Create approvals are subtasks, but
  2. As I mentioned initially, you will run into problems automating in that manner.
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