How to create a rule to trigger approvals as a subtask for a subtask

Hello, I have a project with sections and we have two sections that trigger subtasks that all contribute to completed the parent task. Each of those subtasks need to be approved, and it would be nice to trigger a rule to automatically add approvals for those individual subtasks. I cannot figure out how to customize the rule to allow me to do that. Is it even possible?

Welcome, @Sage_Dahring,

If I understand correctly your workflow, my recommendation would be:

  • With your existing rule, instead of adding just one subtask like “Do sub-thing #1”, also add a second subtask, “Approval for: Do sub-thing #1.”
  • Do not make that second subtask an approval-type task (because those don’t yet work well with automation).
  • If you already have another rule that says to mark the parent task complete when all subtasks are complete, it will work with this approach.



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