Allow users to access the same task without seeing each other

Hi there.

I am facing one issue.
Actually i am managing project with asana, my developpers which are mostly freelancer are on the same project with client.

I don’t want them to get in touch (i am afraid that client directly hire freelancer, things already happened) but i need client to be able to create task, and freelancer to view task.

Is there any trick / possibility !? OR its not possible ?

Hope you understand my needs :wink:


@Marie will confirm but if guests are not member of the same team, they don’t see each other. They only see “Private member” or something like that. The easier in your case is to invite yourself as guest two times and see by yourself. If your email is "" you can invite "" and "" . You’ll receive all emails on your Gmail address but will have two different accounts.

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That’s correct @Bastien_Siebman! :+1:t3:

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Thx, i am testing immediately and let you know.

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Well i was probably not clear enought, but my client and freelance are on same team.
How to invite guest ?

Actually when i invite someone he is a team member.

If possible you need to remove them from the team members and add them as project member only on a per-project basis. @Marie is that correct?
Do you need clients/freelancers to be able to create projects?

No i don’t want client, neither freelancer to create projects. I just want them to be able to create task in existing project i have already created.

I can remove them from the team members, but after ? How to invite as a guest ? Do i need premium asana account ?

Thank you

Ok great so you can remove them as team members and add them one by one on the projects they can work on. You click on the avatars of people at the top of the project tasks list. Before you do so, @Marie can you confirm I am right here?

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Sorry but i really don’t understand.

Actually my freelancer/developer are associated to only project they have to be assigned.
BUT inside project, for example project A, there is my client + freelancers. I don’t want my client to view freelancer in this avatar list in the top of team.

For example there : on this screenshot we can see on one team there is client & freelancers and both can contact each other, that i dont want :slight_smile:

As far as i understand you, client and freelancer should not be memeber of the same project ?

But it seems i am only able to invite as a TEAM, i cannot invite anyone only for a project.

I’ll let @Marie from Asana clarify because I might be missing something and don’t want to over-complicate.

Ok thanks anyway :wink:

Hi @Joris and so sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

So if I’m getting you right, you need to have your developer and your clients in the same project. Developers must be able to create tasks in this project and your clients must be able to see these tasks, but customer and developers can’t see each other, is that correct?

Can you confirm if your customers need access to tasks where your developers are working?

Looking forward to your reply!


You are almost right :stuck_out_tongue:
Client & developper should be able to create task, and both of them shouldn’t be able to see each other (to avoid contact)

Can you confirm if your customers need access to tasks where your developers are working?

Well i confirm, execpt if you suggest me another way ?

Because i have try created to different team, one for client only, and one for dev team BUT i must copy paste each time all task on both team :o:

Thx for help

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Thanks @Joris,

Unfortunately, if your client need to see tasks where developers are working, they will automatically see your developers name; I’m afraid there is no good workaround this!

The multiihome would save you from having to copy information from one project to the other, but it will also allow your client and developer to see each other, so that’s not an option here! So sorry for not being able to help you further with this; what I can do is convert this thread into a product feedback thread to allow other users to vote for this feature request to be considered by our team; let me know if that suits in the meantime!

Thx for help.

Why not we can suggest as idea but i don’t think a lot of user require this type of feature :wink:

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I already ended up in the situation where I was in a client’s space and my “colleague” appeared as a “private user” I could not see. I think it was because we were not part of the team of the project member. Can you confirm?

Actually… great point @Bastien_Siebman!!

@Joris, can you confirm your developers and clients are Guests of your Organization (as in they don’t share the same email domain than you)?

If so, here is something that might work:
Create two teams (Team A for your dev, Team B for your clients)
In Team A create project A and add your dev to this project
In Team B create project B and add your clients to this project
Multihome all tasks of Project A into Project B

As a result, your dev and clients will have access to the same tasks, but because they don’t belong to the same team or the same project, they won’t be able to see each other name, and will appear as private users.

Have a look at this other thread when users ended in this situation without trying to in the first place :slight_smile: "Private user" for collaborators/Assignee

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@Marie thx.

What do you call guest ? i don’t think they are since i am invited everyone to be part of a team
E.g : Team A: i have invite my dev & client, so they are not guest.

I don’t really understand this “guest” criteria.

Anyway if i can make them as guest (i think easy for client) i will, but please tell me how.

Then, i have to check what is Multihome since i don’t know whats that :slight_smile:


Here is the definition of a Guest in Asana:

Essentially every user that does not use your organisation domain is considered as a Guest in Asana!