Allow us to move (or remove) the 'My First Portfolio' ad from Projects

For the last week or so there has been a ‘My First Portfolio’ ad in the middle of my Projects. It’s a bit obtrusive and imposing. I have never used Portfolios, and when I try to click this portfolio or delete it, it keeps asking me to ‘Restore my Business Subscription’.

It would be great if we could remove this annoyance from our workflow. It’s literally right in the centre of all my actual projects. Very intrusive.

Hello @Jason41,

I am not quite sure if I understand where you are seeing this. Can you maybe share a screenshot (blurring any confidential details)?

Also here you can find more info on Portfolios:

Hi Andrea - this is what I’m seeing. It appeared randomly (I didn’t create it) and cannot be moved or deleted. Clicking on it or interacting with it in any way simply asks me to ‘Restore Business Version’

Thanks for the screentshot. Now I understand. This is actually the new sidebar design. For more ifno see: Coming soon: Asana redesign to help you find what you need quickly and easily

Now in terms of accessing or editing the portfolio:
Portfolios are only available on the Business and Enterprise Asana Plan.


I think you need to write to and request they delete this for you.

What likely happened is that it got created when you or someone tried the Portfolio feature when you were on the Business plan (I believe there’s no way to prevent the creation of that project as a “helpful” example!). You could have removed it while you were on Business but after the downgrade, you are stuck with it, but Support could help.