Remove Project From Portfolio

How do you remove a project from a portfolio? The instructions published on Asana are out of date.

Hi @Brandon_Feister,

What I found is that the instructions about the three-dots menu at the right-hand-side of the project listed here are still applicable:

but that in order to see the 3 dots, I had to dag to expand the right-hand side of my browser window a bit - the 3 dots did not seem to show in the default browser window width.

Does this information help?

That was the trick, thanks. Seems like an odd design choice IMO but Portfolios also seem like a work in progress.

Glad that helped. I’m going to report it as a bug.

Thanks for asking and answering the question. I have MacBook Pro and can’t get it to work. Thanks for reporting it as a bug.

Welcome to the Forum @Mark_Ironside :wave: and apologies for the inconvenience.

If you hover over next to the owner’s picture, the three dots icon should appear and you can click it to remove that project from the Portfolio.

Can you confirm this option it works for you? Looking forward to your reply!