Quick fix to remove portfolios made during free trial

I ran into the same problem other have posted about removing a portfolio made during the free trial. I find the “my portfolio” folder distracting and felt it cluttered my view. After finding out I had to upgrade to the Advanced tier plan only to remove the test portfolio, I found out there is a way to at least get it out of sight.
So, even though you can’t completely remove the folder, I found out that you can simply choose to “sort” the project and change the option to “alphabetical” or “recent” to stop it from showing. Only the “top” sorting option actually shows the portfolio folder. Also, another work around is to simply “add to starred” the folders you use the most, get the “starred” section on top, and work from the “starred” section, instead of directly from the project section. Last option has worked great for me, since I can control what shows on that section. Out of mind, out of sight! Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


HI @Camilo_Torres if you are wanting to delete the portfolio and cannot you can always ask asana support for help.

Hi @Danielle-GenD ,
Thanks for sharing, but I already did asked Asana for support [*request (#1036017)]. And I totally understand that it could be overwhelming referring to the IT dept every single instance of layout discontent vs actual coding issues. So, I though it would useful for the Asana community to know about a simple workaround. Which is probably obvious for the IT dept, since the options are there, but maybe not so much for the support staff, that has to handle a huge variety of customer issues. Just spreading some love, and also I can’t help myself, when I see a small gap that’s easy to fill, I have to fill it!! :smile: :face_with_monocle: :joy:

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